Cyber Resilience in the Casino Gaming Space

The 2017 Official Annual Cybercrime Report predicts cybercrime damages will reach $6 Trillion by 2021, making cybercrime
“more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined.”

Cybersecurity is constantly in the news. New threats emerge at alarming speeds and bad actors are better funded than ever before. The Gaming Industry recognizes that the threat is real, and there’s a continual need to better understand our respective cyber postures. Simply put, keeping up is easier than catching up. Especially with cybersecurity.

Within cybercrime circles, casinos and their suppliers have long been viewed as targets by hackers due to the fact that they’re vendor-driven, vendor-dependent and data rich. Given the well publicized breaches in the space over the last few years, regulatory pressures continue to increase. Join us for this webinar that will focus on key elements related to your overall protection schemes, including how to mitigate the risk of cyber threats in the face of changing technology and legislation.

Attendees will gain persepctives from experts in the cyber, gaming and legal spaces as they share sound bytes from the latest headlines and discuss approaches to building cyber resilience into your organization’s culture. You’ll hear practical and pragmatic perspectives and leave armed with tactical ideas used to improve the overall awareness of your company’s cyber posture and ability to mitigate risks inherent to gaming in the digital age.

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Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm ET


  • Ryan Guzal, Cyber and Privacy Consultant, InterLAN Security
  • Maureen Kaplan, Global Cyber Security Lead, Vodafone Enterprise
  • Tracy L. Lechner, Esq.* Law Offices of Tracy L. Lechner, LLC
  • Robert Russell, Gaming Analyst, Regulatory Management Counselors, P.C.

*Admitted in CO, CT and NY only

Topics will include:

  • Program Governance, Risk & Compliance: Learn how control frameworks (e.g., NIST, ISO, etc.) and leading practices help organizations meet legal and regulatory requirements and support organizational objectives.
  • Operational Cyber Perspectives: Gather information from industry leaders and hear lessons learned regarding the lifecycle of their cyber security program’s controls and capabilities. Learn what peers are doing in the space and identify key metrics that tell the story in a business-centric fashion.
  • Security Research and Trends: Hear some of the latest research data from global leaders that investigates attitudes toward cyber security and "takes a pressure reading of the global levels of Cyber Readiness across business decision makers."
  • Cyber Resilience: Learn tactical steps that can be taken to implement a programatic approach for detecting, responding to and recovering from cyber security events and incidents.

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